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5 reasons why the WOWBUDD is the most important school investment this season

5 reasons why the WOWBUDD is the most important school investment this season

As they welcome their administrators, teachers and learners back this September, School owners have a lot on their minds, and most importantly, they have a defining decision to make.

How do they create a safe space for all, and convince their key stakeholders- parents, that their wards are safe? As expected, the school resumption protocols have introduced some unforeseen challenges. Without the time or resources to scale infrastructure, how do they provide inclusive learning? The new learning style is an interesting distraction for learners – how do they increase engagement which in turn should improve test scores? In simple terms, how do they differentiate their school to drive enrollment which will help ease the strain of limited revenue already experienced for half this school year?

Here are 5 reasons why the WOWBudd is the Best EdTech solution for School owners to invest on this session

Value for Money: Schools are in the middle of a major technology change. They can be progressive with interactive flat panel displays or remain safe with projector-based solutions. It would help if we remember that, projector-based solutions are dead. They cost more than the value they deliver – dedicated headcount to manage, rapid change of consumers with rapid loss of picture quality leading to lower classroom engagement, with shorter lifecycles and more. The Wowbudd, on the other hand, is an all-in-one device with ruggedized 4k picture quality, 20-point touch and updated immersive content that dramatically impacts how learners respond. At first glance, it seems expensive; but in succeeding years, you make significant savings in products, changing consumables and man-hours. Guaranteed. The Wowbudd offers a minimum of 30,000 hours and comes with 3-year warranty.

Effectively Observe Social Distancing Protocols: Your 30-seat class just went down to 15! Neither educators nor infrastructure doubled. So, what now? You either build new classroom blocks, hire, train have new teachers primed to teach in 24 hours or get creative supporting your existing learners. Your technology must deliver blended learning options in-class or remote so no matter what happens, learning never stops. Hybrid learning options are a more popular post-pandemic option for obvious reasons. This is an interesting way to derive a new business stream. With the right technology, the quality of teaching improves and schools can scale without adding physical infrastructure.

Encourages Innovative Pedagogy: Education is evolving to nurture students to be more connected with their lives, focused in class and equipped for their future. Schools are incorporating emerging technologies in the classroom to create innovative and engaging teaching methods. The Wowbudd is the bridge between the old and the new – it holds the classroom in its current form yet delivers immersive applications that give learners new ways to experience learning; providing teachers with lesson-enhancing tools that create immersive learning ecosystems. This all-in-one platform for lesson presentation, communication, and collaboration in the classroom is the single replacement for the whiteboard, flipchart, projector, and PC. Layered with applications offering world-class content for classroom engagement and collaboration. With the Wowbudd, the teacher’s lesson preparation and execution are easier with hitch-free delivery.

School Differentiation: Stakeholders of post-pandemic schools seek learning spaces that will provide an internationally competitive platform for their wards. The pandemic showed the capacity schools and parents are exploring a myriad of options where security is paramount, followed by excellence. School owners have the opportunity to help their school stand out from the pack and increase enrolment. Leveraging newer teaching methods increase engagement and test scores; the technology offers the flexibility of virtual or in-class learning with real time feedback.

Affordable Technology Adoption Options: Wowbii seeks to create BUDDZones™ to drive immersive, interactive learning in all schools because, according to leading education research bodies, interactive learning is 6 times more effective than just watching videos. A BUDDZone™ is a learning area offering educational itinerary designed to enable educators and learners use technology resources to drive learning.

To drive interactive learning spaces, Wowbii is offering simplified payment options to educational institutions looking to adopt education technology at scale.

Wowbii Interactive is Africa’s foremost manufacturer of interactive flat panel displays. With solutions for Corporates and Education, Wowbii is set to support education technology adoption that will leapfrog schools into 21st century learning spaces.

To take learning, business interaction, ideation and team collaboration to the next level using the best of interactive technology available, let us take a look at what you presently use, assess your needs and recommend what would best suit your home office or establishment to enhance productivity, ensure a sustained profitable business and expansion

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